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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bentley Arnage 450 HR Spotted

The Bentley Arnage 450 HR Mulliner Limousine is one quite distinctive Bentley.

The car is part of the standard Bentley Arnage range that includes the Arnage T, the Arnage R, the Arnage RL and the other lesser known limousine model called the Arnage 728 Limousine.

The 450 stands for the 450mm that the car has been stretched, it has gained 200mm in the front door and 250mm to the rear door. The Bentley Arnage 450 HR also has a raised roof of 100mm.

There is quite limited photography of the Bentley Arnage 450 HR and the standard photo is below.

Bentley Arnage 450 HR

What is a bit special is that a Bentley Arnage 450 HR has been spotted.

A Bentley spotting reader Andy was recently in Cannes and was staying at the Hotel Martinez on the famous boulevard de La Croisette.

Parked out the front was this. An Arab plated Bentley Arnage 450 HR.

Bentley Arnage 450 HR

Then the next day this car was parked in the same spot. A Bentley Arnage 450 HR. Andy presumed it was the same car, but take a closer look. This Bentley Arnage 450 HR has German number plates, and on closer inspection also has a Bentley badge on the rear pillar.

It is a second spotted Bentley Arnage 450 HR Mulliner Limousine.

Very rare sights indeed.

If people know of other photos of this very rare Arnage model please do send them in.

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