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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Rare Bentleys on the Track

Generally at Silverstone you would expect to see the Bentley Speed 8 blasting around the track.

Here it is thankfully photographed by avid automobile photographer Tim Dunlop.

But over the weekend something slightly different happened.

It was the annual Bentley Drivers Club day at Silverstone and some Bentley cars not often seen on a track got to have a go.

Here is a Bentley R Type followed by a Bentley Eight.

Then Tim Dunlop snapped a Bentley T2 tailed by a Bentley Turbo R

Next up came a Bentley S1 Contenential Flying Spur, tracked by a Bentley Continential R, and out wide is a Bentley Azure

At its own pace then came along a Bentley S3.

Then a bit of a surprise came around the corner.

A Bentley Turbo R six door limousine. A 1990's one at that.

With the roof racks and three rows of forward facing seats it looks like it is for the funeral market, so it is certainly a surprize to see on the track at Silverstone.

Great appreciation goes to Tim Dunlop for allowing these photograghs to be reproduced. I'm sure an enjoyable day was had.

Pictures courtesy (Tim Dunlop) reproduced with permission.
Images are copyright of Tim Dunlop and Dunlopix and may not be reproduced without prior written consent

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