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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bentley Mulsanne Convertible

A couple of months ago this car was for sale in where else but Belgium.

It is a mid 1980's Bentley Mulsanne.

That comes with a slightly special roof.

It is a four door rag top.

Certainly a rare view inside of a Bentley Mulsanne.

This car is the 20th Bentley Mulsanne/Rolls Royce Silver Spirit based convertible to be featured here on Bentleyspotting.

Take a look at the mega gallery of the others here.

Colour coded seat belts could be in order.

Two other convertibles has been spotted with the same roof style, and one is referred to as a convertible in the style of Tickford.

The very first Bentley spotting post featured a green version of a Bentley Mulsanne convertible in the same style here.

Thanks to Bart for sending in the pictures. The car is now sold. Weddings anyone?

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