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Saturday, August 16, 2008

RROC Texas Spring meet 2008 video

A very big thank you to John Sweney from the Rolls Royce Owners Club Texas branch for putting together this video of the clubs Spring Meet.

I have toured around 15 of the united states, but never to Texas.

If I was to go to Texas I do hold a stereotypical image of events and behaviours that I would like to encounter.

Say that distinctive Texan twang accent, maybe be meet a Rancher and check out his livestock, definitely have a BBQ with a steak the size of a hub cap, maybe go line dancing in a country hotel and hear drunk ladies randomly swear on the dance floor, meet some cowboys and cowgirls in full boots jeans, check shirts and hat get up, drive around in big cars saying howdy. And I would definitely buy a big cowboy hat as a souvenir.

As expected it can all be achieved at the Texas branch of the RROC.

I have decided on which hat I want.

I want the 6.75 litre hat that this guy has at 1.30 in the video.

And yes there are some great cars to have a look at in the video.

Thanks John.

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