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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Slight Break in Positing

I have been moving house and yet to have the internet connected, hence the delay in postings.

But there is a lot more to come!

Troy has restored this wonderful Bentley T1.

The Extreme customisation of the Silver Spur that has been spotted in London a number of times is now for sale on ebay USA where it was imported to California.

I have recieved many photographs from James Young coachbuilders whist the cars where in the works.

Of course more on the Sultan of Brunei and his cars with more pictures such as this Bentley Silverstone, a hard top convertible.

Bentley Silverstone

From the land where they certainly do know how to make a good station wagon/estate Sweden, comes this example.

Some more Bentley limos.

Maybe something on Lawrence of Arabia as I like a good adventure.

Some unrestored gems like this example.

A video on 'The Beast' is something special.

Some more trash.

And maybe some vintage Bentley history.

And of course modern coachbuilding, like this Jankel high roof example of the Phantom VII. Very nice.

I would also like to thank the Bentley Drivers Club of Australia for putting on a great display last weekend in Canberra.

Around 30 vintage W.O. cars were there, an R type Continential, two Turbo S examples, a number of S cars including some coachbuilt, around 10 Derby cars, and some late model cars and unusually no T1 Bentleys.

I enjoyed the day.

Many more posts to come - I'm nearly to 400!

Please do sent in photographs and stories to


At 9:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you know the customer or the market of this "Canberra" A royaltie perhaps ???
Thank you for this website & sorry for my english.


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