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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bentley Spotting turns 400

This is the 400th Bentley Spotting post, so it's time to blow my own trumpet for the third time. The first was at the 100th post here and the second was with 200 posts here.

This month also celebrates two years of running this site.

Bentley Spotting now has more than 2000 photographs for you to view.

You can watch around 75 videos from Bentley Spotting.

I'm going to claim it - my bloody website has the most crap - I mean content - relating to Bentley and Rolls Royce cars in the world.

So if you like what you read how about giving me money. Donate using the donate button via PayPal on the right column of this page.

So on indulgence being my 400th post I my going post pretty much the standard stuff that I do.

Below is a photo inside the Hooper workshop of a Bentley limousines in its final stages of production.

The Bentley limousine is in my favourite limousine body shape where the centre has not simply been stretched, but is a well proportioned and balanced design that blends the enormity of the car.

This time out the front of Hooper is a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit version of the Limousine.

And being Bentley Spotting, this happens to be a car of the Royal Family of Brunei.

This car is referred to as the Hooper State Limousine 'The Emperor'.

The above car is a this : ROLLS ROYCE SILVER SPIRIT; Registration 1JB; VIN SCAZS000XFCH12230

Happy Bentleyspotting and please do keep on sending in photographs and story ideas to

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