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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rusty Rolls Royces

I do like an unrestored car.

Especially old Rolls Royce cars because it is slightly unexpected that they have not yet been restored.

These were all for sale on the German car sales site a little while ago.

But what I did to them was enhance the photos using photoshop to make them much more vivid. The photos hopefully do not hurt your eyes, just surprise them a little bit.

Finally my favourite. This 1937 Rolls-Royce 25/30 Shooting Brake. The photo manipulation makes it look a bit fake. A little like a dinky toy.

But I still really like this car. And having it restored would be unfortunate. It looks like you could just pick it up!

Just let it age in peace. Everyone will still appreciate it. Not to mention how practical the car is for large loads.

The car is available from The Real Car Co. Ltd. here. The standard photos just do not look as good.

Here is a half/half.

I would so drive around in this car, and say things like, "It's a solid old boy", "It's been good to me, that car", "It's a practical motor", "It's so large I could fit half the town in it","It's been better to me than your mother, son"... I should stop there.

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