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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Office K from Japan

Having a look at what tuning shops do to Bentley's around the world is always interesting.

Often a sore stomach and a facial cringe accompanies the observation, but not in this case.

The Pro Shop is called Office K and their address is below.

〒174-0073 東京都板橋区東山町26-8

周辺地図(マップファン) パーキング有り

I'm not sure where abouts in Japan that is either. Sorry.

What is great is that there is hardly any modification that have been done to the car, yet it looks completely customised and stunning.

It is definately in the detail. Check out the Swarovski crystals on the B.

The profile is just superb.

The rear light clusters have been blacked out. It is an impressive look.

The rear defusier or valance is very similar to the Hooper Turbo R 2 door spotted in Japan earlier here, as it the whole look of the car.

I am thinking that they could have come from the same tuning shop.

The slight body kit is impressive, as is the interior.

Even the aftermarket cup holder hanging off an air vent looks fine.

And here it is spotted on the street! Looks so impressive.

Pictures (Office K, webfind)

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