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Friday, August 22, 2008

Museo-Coleccion Rolls Royce Torre Loizaga

Castillo Concejuelo in Torre Loizaga, Spain.

42 Rolls Royce cars in 3 pavilions. One of the most significant Rolls Royce collections in the world.

It is just about, well exactly here. About 20 minutes outside of Bilbao, Spain.

Let's take a look at all the Rolls Royce cars and some others from the collection, in a fantasticlly made video by you tuber 'silverghost97'.

Absolutely worth the 10 minutes of your life it takes to watch it.

The Rolls Royce cars:

Silver Ghost Roi Des Belges (1910)
Silver Ghost Alpine Eagle (1914)
Silver Ghost 40-50 HP (1921)
Silver Ghost (1921)
Silver Ghost Springfield Cabrio (1922)
Silver Ghost (1923)
Silver Ghost Springfield Limousine (1924)
Silver Ghost Springfield Sedanca (1925)
Phantom I Landalerre / Sedanca (1926)
Silver Ghost Tilbury (1926)
20 HP Doctors Coupe (1927)
Phantom I Doctors Coupe (1928)
Phantom I Cabrio Aluminio (1928)
20 HP Cabrio (1928)
Phantom I Springfield (1929)
Phantom II Cabrio Aluminio (1930)
Phantom II S Coupe Continental (1932)
Phantom II Limousine (1933)
20/25 Sport Saloon (1934)
20/25 Cabrio (1934)
Phantom III Limousine (1936)
Phantom III Sedanca (1936)
25/30 HP Berlina (1937)
Wraith Berlina (1939)
Silver Wraith I Sport Saloon (1948)
Silver Wraith Sedance (1953)
Silver Wraith (1954)
Silver Dawn (1955)
Phantom IV (1956)
Silver Cloud I Berlina (1957)
Silver Wraith (1958)
Silver Cloud II (1960)
Phantom V (1961)
Silver Cloud II (1962)
Silver Cloud III (1966)
Silver Shadow Coupe (1970)
Corniche (1972)
Camatgue Copue (1975)
Silver Shadow II (1979)
Silver Wraith II (1980)
Silver Spirit (1984)
Silver Spur (1990)

The Phantom IV.

Simply amazing.

Thanks silverghost97 for making the video.

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At 1:15 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buena WEB. Gracias por subir el video a tu WEB, y haber servido para algo. Desde las bajas esferas de Bilbao, EspaƱa. Saludos

At 12:22 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo, Bravissimo.


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