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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Baadest Blackest Bentley Turbo R Hooper 2 Door Ever

A while ago I photoshopped one of my dream cars. A Bentley Turbo RT 2 door by Hooper with Mulliner enhancements.

I am not sure that they actually exist, but I would love it! With chrome RT/Azure 5 spoke wheels and a slight body kit, tinted windows with front quarter panel side vents and a mesh grill.

Just suburb, not to everyones liking but that is the point of Bentley ownership. A bit of individuality. Like everyone else.

Here it is.

And in comparision to a real Bentley Turbo RT.

Well actually I do not need to photoshop want I am talking about any more because a car that ticks all the boxes has been spotted.

In Japan.

Up close in high resolution in all it's Baadest Blackest Bentley Turbo R Hooper 2 Door glory.

Bentley Turbo R Hooper 2 Door

The car is simply amazing! Not simple because it is a Hooper 2 door Turbo R, but all the extra enhancements. It has blacked out lights, Turbo RT/Azure 5 spoke crome wheels, a mesh grill, under bumper mesh, de-cromed trim and the most impressive rare feature, a slight bodykit.

Bentley Turbo R Hooper 2 Door

The bodykit looks very familiar. After scratching my head, I realised what it is. It is the Mulliner widybody off the Bentley Continential R Widebody. Amazing. The cars are both the same dimentions, so why not!

Bentley Turbo R Hooper 2 Door

The rear defusier is Bentley Continential R, and the badges say both Mulliner and Hooper!

I'll take that one.

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At 6:30 am, Blogger Unknown said...

Hey !

I also saw it in Tokyo !!

At 8:01 pm, Blogger Jose R. Welke said...

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At 7:39 pm, Blogger Kevin Nelson said...

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