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Monday, April 07, 2008

Bentley S3 E Concept by Bentley Boys USA

It is so cool. It is very much bling bling. Totally pimpin'. Gee.

Like wearing fake Louis Vuitton or fake Burberry. Chav chav hommie.

An American company called 'Bentley Boys USA' have released this design study. They need to change the name of the company. It is just not right. Like fake Louis Vuitton.

It is called the Bentley S3 E Concept and is designed by Arturo Alonso. It uses Bentley S3 chassis and body, with some slight modifications. Squashed nose included.

Firstly it has been dropped on it's guts, that is lowered, has twin Milo tin exhausts, sports twinkie twinkie dubs with licorice strip tyres, and has a phat widebody with a badunkadunk butt.

The Mulliner badge is a bit confusing but I won't go there.

Oh it is wide. And the wheels are big. Too big to turn mind you. It is just for going straight. Rent boys not allowed.

But I still like it. The company plans to build 3 with Bimmer 4.4 V8 engines and want's to flog them off for 150K.

I wonder if a hoe is included in the tool kit?

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