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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Stretching the Flying Spur

The Dutch company Rijck whose mission is to 'be the market leader in the innovation and manufacturing of luxury armoured limousines and cars of the highest possible level of security, luxury, comfort and practicality' has a project vehicle that is a stretch and armoured Bentley Continental Flying Spur.

The Rijck Bentley is stretched by 50 cm and as usual with the company armoured.

Now for the supplied interior from Rijck's website.

The photographs are actually just stretched press release images that are from the Bentley Continental Flying Spur brochure.

It is only time before an American company stretches the Continental Flying Spur further - as they already have with the Arnage as written about before. So let us visualise the elongation.

The standard 1 metre stretch limo - ideal private limousine for owner, personal assistant, security and other staff. More practical than the occasional seats of old - a touch of OH&S for employees.

Now for the two metre stretch. More of a hire company car for airport pick-ups, hotel transfers and rides to dinner. Is that a Lincoln?

Ohh the three metre stretch. Only acceptable for high school proms, debutantes and graduation after parties. Mandatory sick bags included.

Lastly the 'super' stretched four metre elongation. Obviously only relevant to residents of Los Angeles.

Get a Jankel if you must. They were the official Crewe stretching company from the 80's and 90's. Jankel raise the roof of their stretched cars to keep the roof line profile, and did not suffer from saggy limo roof syndrome as the above cars do.

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