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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bentley Four Wheel Drive

Just to clarify, half the current range of Bentley motor cars are 4x4. That is, drive goes to all four wheels.

Yes, they are not SUV's or off roaders, or soft roaders for that matter, they are saloon cars and grand tourers.

The rumour mill was massive a while ago that Bentley was making a SUV. It was because of a spy shot of a Porsche Cayenne with weird wheels, presumably a test mule.

Here are the CGI images that where floating around.

The above rendering looks good actually, say 26" wheels?

The rendering below - well what can you say other than fat pig! Really bad.

There are proper motor cars that are 4x4/SUV's off roaders though. You simply need to make them yourself, or be a Sultan.

For sale by Shannons a few years ago in Victoria Australia, this Rolls Royce Silver Shadow is based on a Nissan Patrol 4X4 system.

Again from Australia, this time from Western Australia one for wading through deep rivers - definitely not as refined.

The spare wheel placement is just great on this home made Rolls Royce SUV. The number plates tell the story. Californian plate 'GOT BAJA'.

Pictures (bentleyspotting, WorldCarFans, webfinds)

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