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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bentley Spotting West Coast Customs

West Coast Customs, made famous by an MTV program called 'Pimp My Ride' whereby a teenagers rust bucket bomb of a car gets transformed into a cinema playstation on wheels with candy apple flames and liquorice strip wheels, has previously made a stretched Arnage with a custom interior.

Surpizingly it does not have flames down the side or a fish tank in the glass partition, or some attached maids or a butler - see the television show to understand how, lets say, 'American' some of their customisations have been. It is actually quite refined and suited to the streets of L.A.

See the Gallery HERE

However, its not totally Hip Hop, where are the 24" colour matched rims? If you want a proper stretched Bentley, you have to go with Robert Jankel from The Jankel Group. They make proper cars to be driven in, and have a long association with the factory at Crewe.

On another note, if you are sick of being a Captain of Industry, how about commissioning a Head of State Protocol Limousine(.pdf) from Jankel. Now that is being a proper chauffeur driven car!


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