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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Napier Bentley Hill Climb at Brooklands

Here on Bentley Spotting you get to experience emerging and new technologies on the Internet.

Napier Bentley

One can read about Virtual Bentley Spotting, experience interactive satellite images, watch videos, see animated images of Bentleys, the virtual browsing of books online, manipulated images and design of new Bentleys, and this one; multi camera video of a single event. In hack like style.

Napier Bentley

Let me explain. Many amateur videos appear on youtube all the time, and that is the point of the site. However, they are pretty much always single camera shaky video of an event. That is fine. But what happens if there are multiple youtubers at a single event?

Napier Bentley

Well they all take video of the same subject. Then comes the idea. How about if someone collects all the videos of a single event from all the youtubers, and re-edits the videos to make a multi camera video? Sound like a good idea. But is it technically possible? Well if you do your research an have a bit of multimedia knowledge you can do it. Just.

Napier Bentley

So I have attempted.

The event is the 1929 Napier Bentley Hill Climb at Brooklands. There is only one Napier Bentley, built on a 1929 8 Litre Bentley chassis with a 24 Litre Napier Sea Lion W12 aeroplane engine.

Napier Bentley

Firstly lets meet some Youtubers at the event.

Introducing youtube user danishpastryboy. His video of the event is here. He stands on the left hand side of the track, and takes great video of the engine and the start of the hill climb. Its up close, most likely would have felt the heat!

Napier Bentley

Now here is Youtube user allancalder. His video is here. He gets great close up footage of the cockpit and steering wheel, and zooms in for a close up of the finish. His sound recording from the higher position is excellent. Top job.

Napier Bentley

Introducing Youtube user Joyseeker. There video is here. It is shot from the top of the hill, and captures the Bentley after is has done its run as well. Nice.

Napier Bentley

Finally binks137. Their video is here. He shoots great footage of the Bentley before the start of the hill climb from the right side of the track. Ear plugs required.

Napier Bentley

Now here is my edit of all four angles. I am far from pro, but it does prove it is technically possible.

Yes there are too many edits in the video - but that is the point.

Technical information:
Keepvid was used to save video.
FLV Extact used to convert format.
Audacity used to clean audio.
MSU video filters used to clean video.
VirtualDub used to edit video.
Xvid used to compress video.
LAME used to compress audio.
GIMP used for photographs.
All the above software is available legally for FREE. They are just not that easy to use. So my idea can be done, but it is a bit complex and time consuming.

Pictures courtesy (Wheels-and-Wings)

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