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Saturday, October 12, 2013

(Sort of) Live from London

Yesterday in 'The Square' by Kenjonbro.
Bentleys in their natural habitat. London traffic, Trafalgar Square.

A Mulsanne:

A Continental Flying Spur:

Another Mulsanne:

Another 'Conti' Flying Spur:

Devilishly nice.

A 'Conti' GTC:

And the all new Flying Spur (sans the Continental moniker) ...

We will throw in a Turbo R spotted earlier on in the past week on the Motorway:

And a Corniche or Silver Shadow Coupe in the rain off for the rest of a restoration - not good to get wet....

Annnnnnd, A Motorway pummeling Arnage:

Kenjonbro - Honorary Bentleyspotter...

(Posted by David Irvine and thanks to Ken Brown. He IS the best...)


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