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Monday, October 07, 2013

Epic RRoad Trip

I needed a bigger Silver Shadow fix.
Owning one just isn't enough, so me and the Old Girl (my Silver Shadow, not my wife) went off for a visit to Park-Ward Motors in Cary, Illinois to mingle with the Shadows....

A one thousand kilometre drive from Toronto.

Mostly in heavy rain but we finally got there unscathed - but dirty :

I loooove hanging out at his place.

How couldn't you?

Eye candy.

From both sides.

Even a certain SY derivative with my name on it:

But my favourite, the factory veloured Honey Gold T:

And from what I have learnt, this car is even quieter to drive as the cloth acts as a sound absorber.

I really do like this one and spent an alarming amount of time just sitting in it taking in the ambiance...

I was finally dragged out of the car and reminded that I had to give mine a good wash. So here she is all clean and shiny again:

Yeah, I know, I'm crazy.

Worth the long drive and ga$ $top$.

(Posted by David Irvine)


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