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Sunday, September 29, 2013


I saw the movie this evening. 

It is absolutely brilliant! Go see it.

But what (you ask) has it got to do with Rolls-Royces or Bentleys?

Well, Lord Hesketh's Silver Shadow is in it, of course..

I thought I had spotted an error in the placement of the cars.
I noticed the white U.K. reg'd Silver Shadow with the vented wheel covers supposedly in the year 1971.

Well, I assumed incorrectly. but if it was a U.S. car I would've in fact been correct....

Again to quote from Marinus' website which I checked the moment I got home:

"In the first years all cars had flat wheel covers. These were replaced by ventilated wheel covers in March 1971. In the US the flat covers wouldn't be delivered till 1974."

A flat wheel cover:

For two hours I dwelled on this. 
Well sort of. I got distracted.The movie is fantastic.
I was wrong to dwell. Shouldn't do that.

Now, as for Lord Hesketh's car:
He even shipped the car to the U.S. with the racing team cars.
With this movie going on, I do wonder just where the original Lord Hesketh Silver Shadow is today.

When you go see this movie, bite your lip at the end. You may feel like crying.

I bit my lip, Okay...

And I did actually manage to find a little photo of a Rolls-Royce at James and Suzy's wedding on 'Google Images':

(Posted by David Irvine)


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