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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Article 118

By Order of Article 118 of the National Tax Collection Act…


That's the first line of a letter I hope I never find in my mail-box.


It means you've not paid your taxes…and the tax office is about to seize your assets.


For some, it does happen.
The City Tax Department of Takamatsu City government, just north-west of Osaka in Japan, is about to offer for auction this Rolls-Royce Silver Spur Limousine due to non-payment of tax:


Rolls-Royce Motors outsourced production of the Silver Spur Limousine to Robert Jankel and there were only 84 examples of the 42-inch stretch made.


So it's a rare car.


Here are some of the promotional photos:


US specification…


And European specification…


The car on offer was imported into Japan in November 1987 and appears to have covered only 277 miles from new:
But Takamatsu City is unable to confirm whether you will be able to register it in Japan…or advise when it was last driven.


The TV no longer works...
And the paint is described as being flat with a few dents and scratches...
So some re-commissioning is definitely in order.


The guide price is a little over US $11,000…and, by the way, no warranty is given.


But wait a minute….!


What's this? They have a second Silver Spur Limousine available!


Also imported into Japan in November 1987 and with just 725 miles on the clock:


The interior looks like new...
But there is a small leak from the engine...


Guide for this one? US $15,000...


Are these the cheapest and lowest mileage Silver Spur Limousines for sale anywhere?


Thanks to for the production numbers.


(Posted by Andy)


At 3:42 pm, Blogger steve ewer said...

I was on a student placement at the engineering department in Crewe during 1985. I remember the prototype 42" stretch having three doors on one side and two doors on the other in order to test both variations.
Steve Ewer

At 6:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Great insight - must have been an interesting placement.

Any other stories?




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