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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Practical Yellow Bentleys

Let's just say that this is a quite unique collection of Bentley motor cars in yellow.

Let's take a first glance at this magnificant Bentley Continental. It is amazing.

Bentley Continental

It you want a more practical car than a Bentley Continental by Mulliner Park Ward, get a station wagon or estate made for you.

Or even a Bentley van. Go on.

Bentley T

Something more standard? Go a yellow Bentley Turbo R. This is a 1987 model, that was for sale a couple of years ago. I really like it.

1987 Bentley Turbo R in Stunning Sunburst Yellow - BENTLEY SPOTTING

If you really prefer open top motoring, in a Bentley Turbo R, you still can. The solution? Get one made for you. This one is by Salvatore Diomante.

Bentley Turbo R Convertible by Salvatore Diomante

And again, want something more practical in the Bentley Turbo R format? Go a station wagon for the Ikea runs. It does work well. This one is a Bentley Val d'Isere by Jankel.

Bentley Val d'Isere by Jankel for Sultan of Brunei

Perfer a two door? How about a Bentley Continental R. This example is from the Personal Commission series. Looks rather nice doesn't it.

Bentley Continental R Personal Commission

If you want the drop head coupe variety, go for the Bentley Azure. It's even got a for sale sticker on it for you.

Bentley Azure

Still not convinced that the Bentley Continental R or Azure is for you? Well then call up a coachbuilder and get something else made to how you see fit. Pinniafarina did this one for the Royal Family of Brunei. It is called the Bentley B3.

Bentley B3 by Pininfarina for Sultan of Brunei

Live on a farm? Care for a Toorak tractor? Bentley along with the help of Land Rover made this Bentley Dominator also for the Royal Family of Brunei.

Bentley Dominator by Land Rover for Sultan of Brunei

See, yellow is certainly a very good colour for a great range of practical Bentley cars.

Go on, get one made for yourself. Make it yellow.


If you must, go get yourself a Bentley Continental Supersport.

Bentley Continental Supersport

Can't find a new Bentley Mulsanne in yellow yet. Send one in if you have photos!

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