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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two Tone Bentley Arnages

Let's have a look at six Bentley Arnage cars from all around the world.

Yes, they are all two tone.

Make that all silver with another darker colour combination.

The first example comes from Belgium. Slightly dirty if I may say so.

Bentley Arnage T - Two tone - Bentley Spotting

The next was spotted in Estonia.

2003 Bentley Arnage R

The third was spotted in China, well the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.

Bentley Arnage RL

A London car. In this light the silver looks slightly blue, but I'm pretty sure it is silver. Thanks photoshop.

Bentley Arnage T

And another from England, this time with a coachbuilt rear window from Bentley Mulliner.

Bentley Arnage RL Mulliner - two tone

The sixth Bentley Arnage two tone car with silver and another darker colour comes from Monaco.

Notice something different?

That's right the two tone join is different.

With all the other examples, the two tone join sits at the upper door sill, and follows the bonnet line covering the front lamps and the front and rear bumper bars in the dark color.

With this Monaco example, the two tone colour join is at the coachline. This means that the front and rear bumper bars, as well as the lower door sill are in silver, giving the car a different effect.

Bentley Arnage R

Interestingly enough the Monaco example looks slightly dated, or have I seen starring at the front lamps too long?


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