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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bentley Hooper Turbo R 2 Door for sale

I do fancy a Bentley Hooper Trubo R 2 door. And when ever one comes up for sale I generally post about it.

This one, SCBZR03B7KCX25450 is a 1989 Bentley Hooper Turbo R and was one of the last 2 doors made by Hooper.

Let's decode the VIN SCBZR03B7KCX25450
SC = Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited, Bentley Motors (1931) Limited
B = Bentley
ZR = Turbo R from 1989
03 = 6.75 Litre V8, single Garrett turbocharger, catalytic converter, cross-bolted crankshaft from 1988
B = Passive front seat belts
7 = Checksum Digit
K = 1989
C = Crewe
X = Left hand drive
25450 = Chassis Serial Number

It is said around 15 of these cars were made, where the B pilliar is moved back and the front door is extended by 8.5 inches.

At times a Hooper rear window is added, and this car sports this great feature.

It makes a fantastically well proportioned 2 door coupe.

Extra features include a badge bar, Hooper bonnet scoops and small details such as a three quarter length double red pin strip.

The hood intakes are quite distinctive.

Another Hooper feature is the extra chrome strip on the rear lights between the clusters.

It is the detail that makes a coachbuilt car exceptional.

In interior is in full leather St James red and shows no indication of wear.

I was lucky enough to be in contact with an ex-employee of Hooper who built this car and he said that "it looks like it's just left the factory!"

He also said "this would have been one of the last ones made. The pictures show that the car still has the original alpine stereo, and also there is a nice photo of inside the small rear window. If you look closely at the rear of the seats in the middle you will notice that I had to raise the rear brake light so that it could be seen through the rear window. Also in the same picture this car has got modified covers behind the rear headrests this was to house the enourmas alpine speakers that are mounted just behind the headrests."

It is one special car.

Here is a photograph of this actual car being made at Hooper. It is a bit special.

Bentley Turbo R 2 door Hooper

The car is currently on ebay, Item number: 220307021832 and is for sale by Cars Internationale Ltd. of Fort Lauderdale and I thank Ken Baker KENBAKER1265@GMAIL.COM for the pictures.

Best of luck to the purchaser of SCBZR03B7KCX25450

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