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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bentley Azure T

It is not that often that a new model of Bentley is launched. One was announst this week.

It is the Bentley Azure T.

The Bentley Azure was always based on the underpinnings the Arnage R, but now you can buy the Azure T based on the underpinnings of the you guessed it the Arnage T.

Here are very large pictures of the new Bentley Azure T in high resolution.

Bentley Azure T

The Azure T, like the Arnage T has different wing vents, wheels and exhaust as well as the more powerful go pedal.

Bentley Azure T

It is very Californian. I should start making rap records. At least there will be more second hand Arnage T alloy wheels on the market after the Azure T buyers change to 24" gold plated diamond encrusted dubs.

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