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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rolls Royce Silver Wing Landaulette by Hooper

The Rolls Royce Silver Wing Landaulette by Hooper is quite a special car. It was first mentioned on Bentley Spotting here.

It is always exciting to spot modern coachbuilding and this example is no exception.

The Rolls Royce Silver Wing Landaulette is based on the Silver Spur and was designed by Hooper, but were actually made by another coachbuilder Crailville Ltd. Just two examples were built.

There are snipets of information that a Silver Spirit based Landaulette by Hooper was to be called the Silent Wing as opposed to the Silver Wing, and was to be of a similar design, but it seems that both examples built were based on the Silver Spur extended wheel base chassis.

Apparently the Rolls Royce Silver Wing cars were made in 1996.

The Rolls Royce Silver Wing Landaulette by Hooper was spotted by a member of at the ultimate car spotters website

It is thought that the car was spotted at the Antwerp Classic Salon, which is the largest classic car show in Belgium for veteran, vintage and classic cars.

The car was being displayed by Bevanux, a classic car dealer located at Druivenstraat 33, 2300 Turnhout, Belgium.

What is great is that the car is currently for sale. Minus the alloy wheels and driving lights as above.

With only two in the world made by the world famous Hooper & Co. it seems like quite a good car to pick up for a collection.

The ad reads "Rolls Royce Silver Wing Landaulette by Hooper 1984"

"Silver sand with magnolia hide; very nice condition; drives like new; very exclusive wedding car."

Exclusive is a slight understatement. Unless it is parked next to the other one in the world.

This angle on viewing the interior of a Silver Spur is just a little bit rare. Say 2 in about 8859 examples.

The Hooper emblem is quite a nice and rare touch.

The asking price is 45.000 euro. Worth it in my books.

Pictures courtesy (Bevanux, Autogespot)

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