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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bentley Turbo R Convertible by Hooper

The coach builders Hooper and Co. and Jankel were the most prominent players of the Bentley Turbo R era.

Both coachbuilders had a similar range of adaptations to Bentley and Rolls Royce vehicles.

Hooper is very well known for their 2 door Bentley Turbo R coupe, and Jankel did build a similar vehicle amongst others. Jankel also built a convertible version and called it the Azur. Quite forward thinking. One has been spotted in Japan here.

I do not know of any Hooper Bentley Turbo R Convertibles, except for this design sketch.

That is the Hooper badge on the rear, but it is unknown if any Hooper Bentley Turbo R Convertibles were actually manufactured.

Hopefully they were, so pictures can be added to the ever growing gallery of now 18 different Bentley Turbo R/Silver Spirit based convertibles here.

As with other designs I could not find a real picture of like here, I photoshoped an example for fun. This one screams fake.

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