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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bentley Val d'Isere by Jankel

The Bentley or Rolls Royce Val d'Isere by Robert Jankel is one practical vehicle to take to the shops.

Here is the design sketch.
Bentley Val D'IsereThis is the blurb from the sales brochure. Click for larger view.

With accompanying pictures also from the brochure.Bentley Val D'Isere
The pictures from the Robert Jankel brochure are a bit plain. That is if you can call a Rolls Royce or Bentley estate or stationwagon plain.

What we have here are two real life examples of cars ordered by actual eccentric folk who purchased these ever so slightly ridiculous cars.

Firstly a Bentley version with four wheel drive. Bright yellow. Very conservative.

Bentley Val D'Isere

Bentley Val D'Isere

Bentley Val D'Isere

The key to this vehicle is the interior. About as normal as a large Big Mac meal.

Bentley Val D'Isere

Bentley Val D'Isere

Bentley Val D'Isere

Bentley Val D'Isere

Second a Rolls Royce Val d'Isere. This time without the useful hydraulic four wheel drive for under 30mph.

Again a conservative colour choice. Pink. It's subtle for the milk and bread run in the mornings. Or dim sum if you are from the other side of the world.

Oh, and another normal interior. Salmon. It goes quite well with pink.

Deep down I really want one. I wonder if there are any downunder.

External Rolls Royce pictures courtesy (Tim Dunlop) reproduced with permission.

Some images are copyright of Tim Dunlop and Dunlopix and may not be reproduced without prior written consent.

Other picture courtesy (Robert Jankel, Bram Corts, webfinds)

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the shooting brake looks pretty good too.


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