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Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Aussie Continentals

This is one very rare sight downunder. Well actually, anywhere in the world.

Three Aussie Bentley Continentals from the late 80s, possibly early 90s in the same place at the same time.

Only 429 of these cars were made from 1984 till 1995, including numerous for the Sultan of Brunei, so they are very hard to find, and nice to collect. And drive. And own. And put the roof down. And drive some more.

The output of the factory in Crewe was around three and a quarter Bentley Continentals per month, with the coachwork made by Mulliner Park Ward. It was not because they were lazy, but because they were, and still are, very special cars.

Three continents together, with subtle cultural differences.

One with a badge bar, one without fog lamp covers, one with a white roof, one with chrome vains, one with head lamp wipers, one with colour coded rear view mirrors and all together speak the language of lust. They certaily look amazing.

The number plates are 'A1' from New South Wales, 'UUU 111' from Victoria and 'GGG 999' also from Victoria. 'A1' coincidently was previously spotted at the 53 Federal Rally of the Rolls-Royce Owners Club of Australia here.

I certainly want one. Do you?

If you do, and you are interested 'UUU 111' has come up for sale, the one with the chrome vains and a white roof in Royal Blue.

Ekberg & Lang, Australia's largest specialists in the sale of pre-owned Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars situated in Melbourne, have listed it for sale.

It is a 1989 example with VIN SCBZDOOA3KCH29136 which lets just say, makes it highly desirable.

Being a 1989 example makes it part of the 20000 series, which is known as the facelift model.

It's the best year, as this car has fuel injection and ABS brakes. As it is not the 1990 model, it does not have the hard to repair active ride suspension which is a bonus.

Also, as it is post 1988, you are unable to import this car into Australia due to the restrictions of the car import legislation.

It is actually the only 1989 Bentley Continental in Australia, and probably will be for a while. The only other option is if a person has been living outside of Australia and has owned the car for more than one year and then moves to Australia with the correct visa, will there be another 1989 Bentley Continental downunder. Unless the law changes of course, but seek legal advice as always.

It has done 62,232 kms and is described by Ekberg & Lang, as a 'Once in a blue moon opportunity' and is in 'Superb condition throughout and impeccably maintained' where it is 'Probably the most collectable of the recent model Bentleys and stylish in any company.'

I would have to agree.

It has a asking price if $169,777 which is reasonable considering the desirability and availability of a 1989 Bentley Continental in Australia.

More pictures and details of this car can be seen at Ekberg & Lang here.

Now if anyone ever finds a Turbo version of this car, please be in touch. Buyer waiting.

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At 5:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

UUU 111 had ended up here in South Australia! Someone here in SA part traded a Paprika Red Camargue with only 9000 miels on the clock for this 1989 Continental. An intriguing identity I have seen all his cars on the Rolls Royce SA club website, a lovely collection of coachbuilt Bentley S1.S2, S3 and the Rolls Royce equivalents plus a Bentley Arnage Blue Train, a Bentley Continental R and the aforementioned Camargue. Anyone know who this is?

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