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Saturday, July 04, 2009

James Young S3 and Silver Cloud III

In the 1960's prior to the introduction of the Silver Shadow and the Bentley T models, Rolls Royce and Bentley cars all were constructed using a separate chassis and body set up.

You could buy your new 'car' without the body, and then send your 'car' of chassis, engine et al, to your local carriage shop to have a coach built on the chassis to your liking. The horse power came from the engine, not the ones in your paddock.

Well I think that is how it worked anyway.

Here is what you got from Crewe in 1964 (note the number plate RR 1964) when you did not order a standard steel body from them. It is kind on missing something on top - yes the body. And the seats as well if you did not notice.

James Young could make your body for your new car. Here is one of his designs, a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III SCT100. It is affectionately known as a James Young Baby Phantom. It certainly does look like a Phantom!

Actually three Bentley S3 SCT100 were made by James Young as well. Stephen Fabman-Beker, the secretary of the RREC South Eastern Section of the UK has one, the other is in the US and the final one is in New Zealand.

Here is Stephen's on Whitehall.

Bentley S3 Touring Limousine James Young

Notice Parliament House in the background!

Bentley S Type 1959

James Young also made a sporting 4 door salon body for the chassis. Here it is on a Bentley S3.

I am not sure of the design number or how many were made, but hopefully some one will sent in the information!

I'm pretty sure this is an Bentley S2 with the James Young body.

Looking forward to hearing from some people in the know about James Young!

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At 8:53 am, Blogger Unknown said...

Yes. JAS 767 is by James Young. Square latch buttons confirm. 2 more pix of this car at


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