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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bentleys on Whitehall

I do really enjoy it when readers send in article suggestions. Especially when it is about their own cars.

Stephen Fabman-Beker the secretary of the RREC South Eastern Section has done just that, and I have decided to post the article as is.

Dear Sir,

Last year my two Bentleys were used to launch the London Motorshow. At the end of the drive through London and past Nelsons Column and into Whitehall, I stopped in the middle of the road outside Downing Street, my partner driving the other Bentley stopped beside me and we got out and took photographs. The police became agitated and tried to move us on but we stayed there for 20 minutes in this privileged place as a few other classic cars stopped to join us.

Here is an interactive satellite image of the exact place where the photographs were taken. Zoom in and move around to orientate yourself.

Now to the photographs.

Bentley S3 Touring Limousine James Young

The Bentley nearest the camera is a Bentley S3 Touring Limousine with division by James Young. It was ordered in January 1965, the chassis was delivered to James Young in Bromley in July 1965 and finally delivered to the customer, Lord Ronson in January 1966. This car is one of just three Bentley SCT 100's built and the only one in England. The other two are known to me, one in America and the other in New Zealand.

Bentley S Type 1959

The second Bentley furthest away from the camera is a Bentley S Type 1959. Bought new by Ted Robbins and kept until his death in 1988 when his wife continued to use the car, when she died in 1998 and with just 33,000 recorded I bought the car. Ted Robbins company dealt with processed recalcitrant chalk used in manufacturing the paint for white lines on roads. His company painted the white lines on the M1 when it was first built.

Best regards

Stephen Fabman-Beker
secretary of the RREC South Eastern Section

So readers, please do sent in suggestions and stories about your cars and have them published on

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