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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Short Break in Postings

I am going on holidays for 5 weeks from today, so I do not suspect I will be able to post Bentley Spotting articles during this time.

As a taste for what is to come in the new year, take a look below.

A post on the Bentley Turbo RT.

A hearse looking station wagon.

Pictures of the construction of a coachbuilt modern Rolls Royce Phantom.

How about a modern armoured Rolls Royce.

Based on the Queen's one.

And I have been collecting pictures of this gentleman's Rolls Royce collection.

The Rolls Royce guru, Osho or Baghwan Shree Rajneesh.

Please do send in picture of this cars if you have them.

His followers gave him 84 Rolls Royce cars in total, that were all sold off to a Texas car dealer Bob Roethlisberger in 1985. There was an auction on the 8-9 February 1986 to sell the 84 cars. If you have pictures, do send them in.

As usual there will photos of cars that you may not have seen before as well on Bentley spotting in the new year.

Happy Chrismukkah and have a great new year.


At 6:37 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear I am verry happy Osho had such nice followers. I like those RR and Bentley cars from the `80s . I am Vienna Meher Baba ...the 32-nd reincarnation of Jesus after the life as Avatar Meher Baba and when I got famous there will be a fall of holy spirit over mankind and I will buy me a Bentley r turbo with left side stering. Wish You all the best Yours Vienna Meher Baba


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