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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bentley Hooper 2 Door Spotted Again

So Bentley Spotting is becoming quite a resource for having a bow peep at modern Hooper cars.

Take a look at some Hooper posts here.

And this is another.

This Bentley Hooper 2 door is one that has not been posted here before. The number of these cars spotted are every so slowing growing! Do keep sending them in.

This photo was taken in the mid 90's in Monaco.

Now here is a photo of the very first Hooper 2 door in production at Hooper and Co.

The man working on the car is an ex Rolls Royce employee called John Ryan.

Here is another photo of a 2 door Hooper in production, with a detail of the Hooper rear window. Quite serious metal work!

Certainly rare photographs.

Thanks to the people who sent them in.

Happy New Year.

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