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Friday, June 27, 2008

RR Phantom DHC Hyperion by Pininfarina

It is nice when someone who commissions a coachbuilt car deciding to display it publicly for all to admire.

Yes it is showing off a little bit, but who cares as we get to have a sticky beak at the creation.

A client of Pininfarina has allowed Pininfarina to show off their latest creation called the Pininfarina Hyperion.

What Pininfarina have done is to take this, the chassis of a Rolls Royce Phantom drop head coupe, and create a totally new body for the car.

This is what it looks like. No much detail so far, but the car will be reviled at the Pebble Beach Concours in August 2008.

The pitch of the wind screen have changed significantly, as has the length of the boot and the size of the wheels. My guess is that the picnic bench boot of the DHC has been re-designed.

When the day comes, proper pictures of this coachbuilt car will be posted.

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