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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bentley T and Silver Shadow Estates

Estate car or station wagons or shooting brakes, what ever you want to call them, are certainly practical vehicles.

Underrated in fact. You don't need a four wheel drive or SUV in the city to drive over the nature strip, but you may need the interior room for all your bits and bobs.

You know, a Toorak or Chelsea tractor is a bit, well - if you do not have a country property - hard to justify socially these days. Not that you would get a hybrid as it is so transitional technology, that you maze well stick with diesel. An electric car should be plugged in.

Interior room, practicality and been socially responsible is where the under-rated estate just shines.

If you have a big day at the shops, or you have children the interior room is absolutely justifiable. Needed in fact.

This example is a 1976 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow estate that is currently for sale at The Chelsea Workshop. What an appropriate location to trade in your slightly inappropriate urban tractor for this gem.

There is certainly an enough room in the back for all that stuff that needs to be transported at any time. If things do not fit in the back of this, you should be hiring someone.

This car has been for sale for well, as long as one can remember, and the asking price is £45,000.

What is great about this car is that it is not simply sitting around the back of the dealers lot, it is out and about in use. How very practical.

The car has been spotted around London a number of times.

Even Street Super Cars have it on there site. It is good to see people think that it is a super car.

It is very much dependant on your definition of super car. I would suggest more of a practical car type label.

Now this very much paparazzi style photograph below shows the car in the ultimate action that it was designed for. Simply put, to carry stuff.

Yes if you have got a couple of kids, a few strollers and the associated endless bags of apparrell for all possible types of child situations you need room in your car.

This Rolls Royce Silver Shadow estate certainly provides it.

A blog for new Dad's called Daddy Types ran this very practical photo and commented on the pram.

For those who care, if you have a Roller, you should have a good stroller. For the Pram spotters out there, if there is such a thing, the one above it top stuff, and uber fashionable. Like a Rolls Royce estate. It is made by Bugaboo and is the Gecko model. Not the top of the range Chameleon model, but kind of like the difference between a Silver Spirit estate and a Silver Shadow estate. It's personal preference but if you have either, thumbs up to your fashion credibility.

What I would really prefer though, is the picture below that a Bentley Spotting reader Andy sent in.

It is a Bentley T2 estate.

With the slight curve in the estate section window, and a flowing slope to the roof line, the proportion and balance of this version is more in symertry to the rest of the car. Less hearse like if it must be said.

I would take it down to the shops.

Pictures courstey (Daddy Types, Street Super Cars & The Chelsea Workshop)

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