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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bentley Racing at Oulton Park 1969

I do not think that about 40 years ago when this was being shot, the idea that 100's of people from all around the world were going to watch it came to mind.

Bollocks I presume would have been the response. But thanks to youtube user johnnytenjobs we can.

Thanks John for the upload.

"Oulton Park 1969 Part 1 My dad racing his old Bentley. He bought it for about £250 and still has it. Top speed maybe 110 or even 120. The bodywork at this time was home made aluminium over square steel tube frame. Chassis has one additional crossmember roughly half way between the axles. It is much faster than a standard car due to much lighter weight. Not as fast as a Bugatti though. £250 not enough for a Bugatti even in 1955!"

"Oulton Park 1969 Part 2 The Richard Seaman memorial trophy for vintage sports cars. Lovely old home movie made by John Dawson. The competitor in the bare aluminium Bentley would have stayed with Mr and Mrs Dawson for the race weekend as he towed it from near Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland. Primitive trailer and not much in the way of lights. Not a major problem in 1969. The Bentley is a 3-litre though the engine may be 4.5 litres by this date. He had owned the car for about 10 years and modified it extensively. It now (40 years on and with the same owner) looks more or less like an original Vanden Plas 3-litre. It was a bit of a hot rod in 1969 running on 16" wheels with radial tyres etc.

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