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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Jankel Gold Label powered by Bentley

This car is another unusual Bentley powered car, similar to the Bentley Blazer by Jankel before.

Jankel Gold Label

It is called the Gold Label and was a coachbuilt car by Jankel.

Jankel Gold Label

As Jankel was the official Rolls Royce limousine builder where they made a total of 127 44" stretched cars, they also were allowed to purchase engines and other components direct from the company to make cars such as this.

The engine in this Gold Label is a Bentley turbo.

Jankel Gold Label

Here is the description of the Jankel Gold Label from the brochure.

The drawn design.

Jankel Gold Label

Now the complete page advertising this car in the Jankel brochure.

Jankel Gold Label

I wonder where they are today.

Send in pictures if you have them!

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At 5:32 am, Blogger Billiger Mietwagen DE said...

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At 9:51 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is one in United Arab Emirates. Good luck trying to view it. You gotta know someone.


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