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Saturday, August 04, 2007

2008 Bentley Continental GT Speed

There is a new Bentley on the block. It is the Bentley Continental GT Speed.

It is a harp back to the Bentley Speed 8 name, and you guessed it, the Continental GT Speed comes with more Speed. Fifty more horses for this carriage. Or 38Kw and 100Nm over the standard GT to make 449kW of power and 750Nm of torque if your German.

The extra horses push the top speed from 198mph to 203mph or 322km/hr, not that anyone actually had any trouble going over 200mph in the standard GT, the top speed was just under quoted. Many journos have taken the Flying Spur well into the 200 range with ease.

It is also interesting the the previous spy pictures of the new bumper bar were correct, and that the front Bentley grill in now more erect. Is that in response to the quip that all proper Bentleys have vertical grills? Maybe.

It has bigger wheels and newer bits and pieces like the brake pedal and the steering wheel.

I'm a bit iffy on the steering wheel. It looks to me like a cartoon transformer robot.

Now lets get rude and talk green backs.

Continental Flying Spur
2007: $169,990
2008: $170,990

Continental GT
2007: $169,990
2008: $175,990

Continental GTC
2007: $189,990
2008: $193,990

Continental GT Speed
2008: $199,990

Brooklands Coupe
2008: $340,990

Arnage R
2007: $221,990
2008: $221,990

Arnage T
2007: $242,990
2008: $242,990

Arnage RL
2007: $263,990
2008: $263,990

Azure convertible
2007: $329,990
2008: $330,990

They are still cheaper than children.



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