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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Blancpain Endurance Series - Silverstone - Qualifying Practice - Sunday

Here is the live stream of Qualifying Practice at Silverstone.

There are actually 3 Bentley cars racing.

The two cars from M-Sport Bentley.

CAR 7 - Drivers: Steven Kane, Andy Meyrick, Guy Smith

CAR 8 - Drivers: Jerome D'Ambrosio Antoine Leclerc Duncan Tappy

Then one from Generation Bentley Racing.

CAR 200 - Drivers: James Appleby, Jody Fannin, Steven Tandy

What is cool about the Generation Bentley Racing is that it has the Bentley Drivers Club logo on it.

The Generation Bentley Racing are customers of M-Sport Bentley who make the Bentley Continental GT3.

Go on buy one and become a gentleman racer!

Bentley Racing is fun.

The results for Qualifying 2 is here:

Another qualifying soon.

Another 15 minutes.

And the results for Qualifying 3.

Good luck Bentley boys in the race later.


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