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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bentley Spotting in Singpore

So today I continued my holiday in Singapore.

Walking between the art galleries and the design museums I did spot some Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

I was not that quick with the photos, but here are a few from today.

A Flying Spur Speed sped past.

Then I noticed something white up ahead.

Yep, a nice Phantom.

The GTs are about, but often parked behind buildings.  There is a GT and a FS down that driveway.

I jumped into a cab on the way back from the Red Dot design museum and again noticed something big.

Another Phantom.

We did follow it for a little.

It certainly is very impressive in motion and static.

Back at my mates place where I am staying, this was parked around the corner.

There were quite a lot of Contiential GTs that I missed getting photos of. 

But what I was really suprised about was the amount of Lamborghini Gallardos I have seen, I'd say about 10 in the last 2 days, and a lot with matte paint jobs like this one.

Or this.

This one was very blacked out.

And maybe a pair?

I do want to drive my Bentley more now.

Still deciding if I should keep the wheels yellow or not.

Off to Malaysia tomorrow, see what I find there.


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