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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Bentley T 2-door Saloon by James Young

This is a real treat. Chassis number CBH1342.

Yes, this is the very first Bentley T 2-door saloon made by coachbuilder James Young.

It's just great. It's the exact one in all the books. The reference for this Bentley.

Yep, it's rare, only 15 were ever made.

It also signaled the end of an era, where it highlighted the challenges of coachbuilding with a monocoque chassis.

The car is, and has been in Melbourne, Australia for quite some time.

The owner John was keen to get his hands on it, and took quite a few years to finally buy it, and has had it for the past 12 or so years.

It was bought complete with blown cylinder heads, dodgy brakes, un-cooperative gearbox, dead suspension and various other maladies, which have all been rectified to top notch condition.

John's most epic drive in it was with his son, Adam on the Bentley Drivers Club 2005 down under trip.

Here it is chasing a Le Mans W.O Bentley down the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

The idea was to start in Perth with your rear wheels in the Indian Ocean then end up in Terrigal with front wheels in the Pacific and party as much as possible in between.

That would surely have been challenging and enduring!

90 miles of straight road please.

Thanks John for sending in the photos, most appreciated.

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