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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

7 Years of Bentley Spotting

Seven years ago today I started Bentley Spotting.

With nearly 2000 posts and thousands and thousands of photos, I'm going to self proclaim it has developed into the largest Rolls-Royce and Bentley website. Certainly not the best site, but it has the most content structured in a slightly hap-hazard way. I'll have to designed the site someday!

A big, big thank you to David and Andy for keeping it going as well.

And what to do to celebrate 7 years of Bentley Spotting?

Well, something that I have weirdly never done before - actually go Bentley Spotting!

As in, walk around car spotting and taking photos.

And where you may ask? Where is the best place in the world to go Bentley Spotting? London of course.

So I've come over from Australia to London to have a go at Bentley Spotting.

From one tourist destinations to another, I've hit the footpaths taking iPhone pics of RR&B cars.

Here is what I've taken so far.

Why not start at the Dorchester!

Yeah you saw the Bug in the foreground.

Here is the GTC up close.

Now I have to post this - gold and chrome brown, and my first Veyron in real life.

I was very happy to see a similar to car to mine driving around London.

Nice Seraph, hopefully I will see more of these. Totally was on a walking tour when I took this.

I was quite surprised just how many Flying Spurs were around.

This Silver Spirit bought a smile to my face.

Glad to see an early one still it seems in daily use.

Interesting security treatment of the lady.

This Mulsanne was out for a spot of shopping on Oxford St.

Good boot size on that.

Check this out - yep same colour as mine.

I am a fan.

Another Arnage.

And it then turned the corner.

Two for one Bentley combo.

Some more shoppers.

I'm waiting to spot one with the roof down, but I think I'm a little late for that.

These are very popular in London.

Have not yet seen one in a light colour though.

A series 2 GTC.

This one has the extra body kit bits - can't remember what option they were called.

At speed with a chrome grille.

I like the GTC plate on this.

Waiting waiting..

I do like the new Mulsanne, especially in motion.

If there are any Rolls-Royce or Bentley events on in in the UK the next few weeks - please let me know ans I will try and turn up.

I'm also thinking I'll have to go up to Crewe.

Contact via

I'm now off to the British Museum, with and umbrella, then to the Royal Mews.


At 11:15 pm, Blogger David Williams - Bulkeley said...

To see the rare cars, take a trip to Chelsea Workshop and if you have time, Frank Dale and P.A. Wood

At 1:36 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 7-years and almost 2,000 posts - keep up the great work!

At 2:41 am, Anonymous BenoitLeus said...

Well done. This must be one of my favourite websites. I never get bored with all these pictures and have lost quite a few hours browsing them.

At 6:37 am, Anonymous Tommcz said...

Congratulations! 2000 - its incredible! BentleySpotting is on the first place in my RSS redaer;-)

btw try to make some photos from car stores like Jack Barclay's etc...

At 9:28 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work. Hope you enjoy the home of RR+B as much as I enjoy Bently Spotting!!

At 12:01 pm, Blogger Irvine said...

This brings me way back 35 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed these photos. The Crewe and Goodwwod are still out there in abundance but very modern. My highlight was seeing a Camargue. The Veyron is today's equivalent - the most expensive production car. Please post more tomorrow.

At 12:03 pm, Blogger Irvine said...

London at it's best.

At 10:28 am, Anonymous Guy Burden said...

I work in Mayfair and see many of these cars regularly. My favourite has to be KAR 4N, the old Spirit. She never goes far and always looks rather lonely...


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