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Friday, November 08, 2013

Bentley Continental T's with Black Wheels

Check these bad boy Bentleys out.

Wow, black on black with black wheels and a mesh grille spotted in London.

Pretty cool. Check the number plate.

You could read that as "Be A Cnt" or maybe it's for Bentley Continental T?

It certainly is impacting with those wheels.

Interesting choice to go with the red rings. It does break it up a bit with the black badges.

This spot comes from Monaco. I like the Conti T wheels with red brake callipers.

Yeah, I'm going to have to do it to my Turbo R.

This one is from the States.

Yes, they are custom after market wheels.

Vains are blacked out, as are the indicators.

Again, I am a fan of the red brake callipers.

This one is from Sweden.

Again after market wheels, and blacked out vains.

These are the hot rod bad boy Bentleys for sure.

Thanks to for this pics.


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