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Saturday, September 07, 2013

From The Classifieds

Team Bentley Spotting knew that this Bentley Arnage Red Label Lwb was the right choice for this week's From The Classifieds as soon as we spotted the advertisement.
Well, the Arnage Red Label Lwb is quite a rarity with just 95 examples leaving Crewe before the face-lifted Arnage RL superseded it.
It's also rather special…
When deciding to stretch the Arnage by 10 inches (25cm), Bentley Motors didn't choose to simply extend the floor and roof.
Instead, Bentley's engineers adopted the more aesthetically pleasing, but also more complicated and costly approach of also lengthening both the front and rear doors in order to maintain the standard car's balance.
They made a good decision as this 2001 Arnage Red Label Lwb looks very nice.
From the outside…
From the driver's seat, and especially from the rear seat…
It appears to be in great condition…
There's nothing to indicate that this car has covered over 95,000 miles from new and was formerly part of a chaueffeur driven luxury limousine hire fleet.
And with an asking price of GBP 24,995 it's the cheapest we've ever seen offered for sale.
Unfortunately the cherished registration isn't included… 

Team Bentley Spotting has also previously posted about Bentley Arnage RL 250, 450 and 728 limousines here:

Thanks to for the production numbers.

(Posted by Andy)


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