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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Behind the wheel of Wraith

Here is the latest Rolls-Royce ad.

Or maybe promotional video or whatever.

I do like it!


At 7:25 am, Anonymous GB said...

I think THE Wraith (why do they have to drop the definitive? Is it hip to do so at marketing college?) is a huge wasted opportunity for RR. It has nothing that really marks it out as a RR...just emphasis on speed, power output, performance blah blah blah. Every manufacturer does this. Where is that certain something to make it stand out?

The stylng is truly hideous and totally unresolved, like some sort of monstrous Frankenstein beetle.

And the strap line, "And the world stood still"...over-the-top and nonsensical. I told a friend of mine and he just burst out laughing. Not the sort of response I suspect that RR would have anticipated. Who is responsible for this nonsense?

This promo film is the usual predictable, easy film making - car on sweeping, deserted roads, young driver in expensive suit and designer shirt, then after a satisfying drive he arrives in London at night...probably to see his supermodel girlfriend.

COME ON ROLLS-ROYCE! We (used to) buy your motor cars because they were effortlessly classy and cocked a snook at the world and other mere 'cars'; we don't want something that has clearly been sat on by an elephant and sold to us like we are stupid, via predictable contemporary marketing. You have a duty to protect the hard-earned reputation of your wonderful company for as long as your are in charge AND not squander it with glitzy monstrosities such as THE Wraith (note use of the definitive).

A disappointed owner and enthusiast.


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