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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Servicing the Bentley

I'm preparing for tomorrow. I've taken the day off work and I'm not going to wear a suit and tie.

I've cut my nails. I've really thought about what I should wear, but I've not yet fully decided on my outfit.

But I know the colour. I must wear blue. Pity I don't own overalls.

Why you may ask?

Well I'm experiencing emotions of reward and self fulfilment, personal achievement, even masculinity.

However, these feelings are heavily weighted down with fear and risk, serious hesitation and a large element of idiocy.

I've got the Rolls-Royce Workshop Manuals, I've watched YouTube videos, I've really got no idea and it's a bit stupid.

But I'm going to attempt to service my own Bentley.

Because I really want to. And I'm excited.

Here is what I've bought.

I've purchased 10L of Mobil 1 5W-50, a crosland 343 oil filter along with a Ryco Z311 fuel filter.

Also picked up a Ryco A484 air filter and a K&N 33-2526 hi flow air filter. I've been advised not to use the K&N filter and stick to the standard.

Also got 1L of Castrol Hydraulic System Mineral Oil Plus for a brake and suspension top up.

However I do have a problem. I've got more tools in my first aid kit than I do in my tool box.

Luckily I'm spending the day at my uncles garage who has been a mechanic for over 40 years.

That's after spending a bit of time with the custodian of the The Rolls-Royce and Bentley Technical Library of RROCA.

See how we go tomorrow.


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