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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Grey Poupon #PardonMe

For those who has not seem them, there were a great series of ads in the 1980s for Grey Poupon Mustard in North America.

They generally always featured the picnic tables in a Rolls-Royce getting the full workout, with some sharp banter.

Very much a cucumber sandwich set take off. Here is my favourite.

There are plenty more as well - here is a playlist of 11 such ads.

Well now they are doing a remake!

And it features explosions, a car chase, Carl Orff music and even a gatling gun of Champagne corks where they "pop some bubbly".

Very Hollywood. Very cool. Check out the trailer for the upcoming ad.

I love it already. Who uses the word "egregiously" is an ad and gets away with it!

Interesting how now they have used Silver Shadows with “lets get around copyright design” modifications.

Not long to go now.

Can't wait. I love the hash tag #PardonMe.

Who would have thought there were trailers for ads, and even a countdown. Oh modern marketing.


At 9:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

2 older RRs:

At 3:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing! Great cars and a great homage to a time when heroes were refined and escapism was cool! Cool ad.


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