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Friday, April 13, 2012

Bring Cash, Lotsa Cash...

Kruse Classics were selling the LWB Silver Shadow Johnny Cash had 'LWB'd' even more.
"In 1970, at the height of his career, Cash needed a personal limousine. He turned to Rolls-Royce where he acquired a long-wheelbase Silver Shadow Saloon. At the time the Crewe factory did not produce a limousine, so Cash turned to a local Nashville coachbuilder, gave them his specifications and this is the final product. Cash used this limousine up through 1977 when it was sold to another private owner prior to coming to the Burdick collection. "
Not exactly a normal LWB rear window. More like a letter box.
GPO style (Britain's post office, if you don't know) - not Hooper or Mulliner.
"A red phone in the passenger compartment connects to one up front so that the passenger can tell the driver where to go or if other special needs should arise."
"An entertainment center is mounted to the center of the rear compartment and some of those components have been upgraded since Cash's ownership."
Not quite upgraded to the year 2012 - where's the U.S.B connection?
But this was for sale at the same auction.
This is very cool:
A massive wall hanging. Eleven by twenty feet on cotton with brass rails.

Here's one I saw in real life at Belfast's old RR dealer Stanley Harvey's in 1980:
I always thought it would make a great 'curtain'....
I had no idea it would be worth fourteen hundred dollars.
(Posted by David Irvine)


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