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Monday, April 09, 2012

Whitewall Dilemma

It is time for David to get some new tyres for his beauty here.

Last year he had customs beauty rings made for his 16" Rolls-Royce alloys.

Here is Rodd demonstrating.

Now a close up of the hub cap, noting the twin gold pin stripe detailing.

Also David has dual gold pin stripes.

Which taper off very nicely.

So back to the new tyre selection.

There are currently 3 options, which has caused a bit of a dilemma and some debate amongst Team BentleySpotting.

So why not be democratic and outsource some decision making, and see what Bentley Spotting reader options are.

The Options.

1. Go with black wall tyres that are currently on the car.

2. Go with white wall tyres that have been photoshopped on the car below.

3. Go with gold wall tyres as seen below.

I could have given my opinion on all the selections, but have decided to leave it up to you, the readers.

Please vote below.

We will see what other people think David!


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