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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crisis? What Crisis?

Okay, so that Supertramp album was from 1975..
But what an appropriate quote.
The year in question was 1971.
Rolls-Royce had gone into bankruptcy.
This is what caused it.
The RB211 aircraft engine - over budget, over promising and over extending the workforce. 
Oh, and you don't use titanium instead of Hyfil for the blades...
(Read The Kidnap of the Flying Lady by Richard Feast - an eye opener.)
 But shortly afterwards, the new Motor Car Division distracted the world by introducing the new 'Corniche'. More than just an updated Mulliner Park Ward Silver Shadow 2 door 'Sports Saloon'.
Rolls-Royce's car division was still alive and well - hence the phrase, "Crisis? What Crisis...?"
But do take note that the name at the top of the press release says "E.R Nicholson, 'Receiver and Manager'. That didn't look too good...
Just a way to pretend to the world that nothing really happened.
It worked.
(Trivia: I have noticed the registration number 3500TU seems to be on most FHC RR press cars - 20TU on most DHCs...)
Here are my London and Toronto shots from a long time ago:
Everybody loved this car.
The last one rolled off the line in 1995. Twenty-nine years after the Silver Shadow was introduced.
Here's designer Bill Allen with that very last car.
He never could have guessed the car he was responsible for would be built for such a long time. That just doesn't happen any more.
(Posted by David Irvine - most Corniche shots are mine, except AH's blue car and the Bill Allen picture -RRMC)


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