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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bentley Turbo RT Mulliner in China

Well the HKSAR of China to be precise.

With all the duck, chicken, pork, beef combination special fried rice features. And some special meat from Shenzhen SAR if you know what I mean.

Bentley Turbo RT Mulliner 'AT 1668'

Its got bonet scoops, wing vents, fog lamps, chrome front lamp surrounds, chrome grill surround, matrix grill, 17" 5 spoke wheels, Mulliner flaired wheel arches, side skirts and HKSAR specific front windscreen mounted stickers to get you into both the country club and the golf club. The country club probably has a golf club, so maybe the last bit I made up.

It is such a cool car. It just needs race spots like the brochure.

Bentley Turbo RT Mulliner

And maybe chrome wing mirrors to have the lot.

Here is another view of the car spotted by Flickr user Daryl Chapman.

Bentley Turbo RT Mulliner

Not quite sure if this car has a small rear window, but I hope it does.

I also want it to have a back seat mounted speedo like SCBZP26CWCH66731 here.

Or SCBZP25COWCX66743 here if you prefer a darker wood.

Or maybe it is even turned aluminium like this one here.

Fingers crossed!

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