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Saturday, July 04, 2009

the grand new Bentley S1 or S2

The cheeky people at Car Magazine have pulled off a major scoop and have published these pictures of the new grand Bentley!

First impressions after Wow! - is that is looks like a reinterpreted Bentley S1 or S2!! Don't you think?

The major single headlight and a lower outer smaller headlight. It fits the bill for the new grand Bentley.

Here are the headlights up close. They are very modern as expected using LED technology.

This is the only official released photograph so far.

And now the Car Magazine side photo of the new car. It certainly is the same.

These unauthorised photos have been taken inside Crewe, and that black blob above is actually a person in the photo. Lets lighten it up to see more.

Back of the head only. And the date stamp on the camera it obviously wrong. But I do think that this gentleman will be spoken to at Crewe on Monday.

This is the final photo that has been released so far by Car Magazine. There is more to come on Monday.

It does look a little weird, as I do not see any roof on the car! Is it actually an Azure? I'm not sure.

The car in the background of this photo also looks like a a convertible. All will be relieved shortly I'm sure.

The front grill is as expected.

The under bumper grill certainly does remind me of the Zagato Bentley.

There is talk that the car will be called the Bentley Grand, but no one really knows so far. More on Project Kimberley on Monday.

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At 4:10 am, Anonymous Charlie said...

Interesting photos from Crewe aren't they, although is it aimed at the smaller Rolls Royce?


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